About icyclingmedia.com

icyclingmedia.com is the new online home of IACM: International Association of Cycling Media.


i = International, Internet, Independent, Informational, Instructional, Inspirational, Interactive, Innovative, Influential, ...

Online, print, television, etc.

Publishers, editors, photographers, writers, broadcasters, commentators, producers, directors, filmmakers, composers, artists, videographers, podcasters, bloggers, translators...  icyclingmedia.com brings people from the world of cycling together online and on site at cycling events to encourage collaborative efforts and growth in the coverage of professional cycling.

icyclingmedia.com endeavors to provide a place where experienced pros and aspiring writers/photographers/etc. alike can exchange information, ideas, and concerns and seek opportunities in covering men's and women's professional cycling.

Contact: icyclingmedia (at) gmail.com  Twitter: @icyclingmedia